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Why do your kids deserve the best preschools?


So, you are looking for best preschools in  Bangalore?  But why exactly does your child needs to go to a preschool? Is preschooling a necessity or luxury?

You perhaps never went to a preschool, and neither did I. But while we ourselves did fine without preschools, nowadays preschooling is absolutely necessary.  These days most children do need preschools. There are many reasons why your kids need preschooling;  Socialization. Children need socialization. A preschool is  required so that your child can play, make friends, learn to communicate outside family members, and alongside, learn a bit of alphabets and numbers in a fun way. Children are lonelier these days than we were. Nuclear families, small apartments, and bustling cities have left little space for friends, fun, and fantasies. For working couples, preschooling their children is a must, so that while you work, the kid is kept busy in something constructive and in a safe environment.

So looking for the best preschool for your child? Elite Kids can be a good option. The school offers both preschool and kindergarten programmes.  Know more about age limit for admission, Elite Kids preschool syllabus or curriculum and other details are as follows

The school offers both preschool and kindergarten programmes.  Elite Kidshave high learning expectations of children within a healthy, stimulating and supportive learning environment. To know more about age limit for admission,

Elite Kids preschool fee structure, syllabus or curriculum and other details are as follows.

Age criteria for admission Elite Kidspreschool

Now let us look at Elite Kids admission age in different classes. The play school offers both preschool and kindergarten programmes. The preschool is divided into Play Group and Nursery.

 The minimum age limit for

Elite Kids  Play Group is 1.8 years+

Elite Kids nursery admission age is 2.5 years.

Elite Juniors (Junior Kindergarten) – The age criteria is 3.5 years+ and

Elite Seniors (Senior Kindergarten) --The age criteria is 4.5 years+ respectively. 


Elite Kidssyllabus or curriculum for play group, nursery, kindergarten

Let us know brief you about what is the child going to get in a Elite Kids play school. As mentioned above, they offer two schooling programmes divided in four categories. We will now discuss about the curriculum of each in detail. 

Elite KidsPlay Group plan

The Play Group programme of Elite Kids preschool is suitable for children between 1.8 and 2.5 years of age. The main focus of this programme is to help the children master some basic skills required in school and life. With a planned day, with stimulating activities and group interaction Elite Kids ensures that children travel through the right path of inquisitiveness, exploration, and discovery. In the Play Group programme, children spend most of the day laughing, and playing, while at the same time exploring indoor and outdoor environments and learning from the same. Learning and growing at their own pace, the children are helped in building cognitive, motor, communicative, and social skills in the Play Group programme. 

Elite KidsNursery Plan

At the Nursery programme of Elite Kids, children are taught some basic academic lessons like pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math, and science. They are also taught social skills. The curriculum is divided in monthly schemes, weekly topics and daily activities to have better focus. Alongside, art and social interaction help the children at Elite Kids nursery programme develop their self-esteem and creativity.


Elite KidsJunior Kindergarten programme  (Elite Juniors)

The kindergarten programme is an extension of the learning experience in Elite Kids that begins with Play School and Nursery. The Elite Junior  plan focuses on helping children realise their inner potential. They learn and grow at their own pace, and are motivated to minutely observe the environment around them and learn from the same.  Attention, alongside is given in developing fine motor skills and better cognitive abilities.

Elite KidsSenior Kindergarten programme(Elite Seniors)

The Elite Seniors programme emphasises on vocabulary building as well as the application of concepts learnt in previous classes. The kids learn reading and writing, and complex subjects like Maths are introduced considering that kindergarten is the stepping stone to formal schooling for a child. The senior kindergarten programme of Elite Kids thus aims at increasing the language and mathematical skills of children while also trying to increase their attention span that will make them ready to kick-start their formal schooling and take loads of extensive and exhaustive future education.